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Sources, Bibliography,
and Credits

Archie B. Blevins

I started actively working on the Lewis Family back in 1977. I knew very little because my grandmother was already starting to become very forgetful. Her Parker's and Lewis's were from Taylor's Valley, VA and they were all mixed up together. It was a mess. My line goes back to Old Gideon Lewis, Sr. a couple of times. (But who's counting, right?) I was having trouble sorting them all out, but then I met Archie. He is my grandmother's first cousin. Archie had been an avid genealogist for years and years, concentrating on his Blevins side and his Parker/Lewis side. He was so good to me. He gave me practically everything he had ever collected on the families, plus told me the old stories as told to him by his grandpa. In 1979, we worked together to put out a booklet on the Parker/Lewis conections. In short, I owe a whole lot to Archie. My Lewis notebooks are much larger now, but he gave me the foundation from which to build. Archie no longer works on his genealogy, although he is always interested in our new findings. Archie will be 86 years old this coming September. His perseverance with this genealogy has alway been a source on inspiration to me.

Jeffrey C. Weaver

Now, Jeff is my bud! I think he found my address in the little Parker/Lewis booklet and called me on the phone back in 1980. We have been talking ever since. Anyone who knows Jeff knows what I mean when I say he is the historian's historian. I think he know more about the history of SW Virginia and NW North Carolina than any person alive. He can tell you everything about any county in that area, including what kind of rocks they have. He knows more on the Civil War in Virginia and North Carolina than anyone I've ever met. And he can just pop it off the top of his head, too! Actually, we have never met in person, but we have spent many, many hours on the phone, bouncing ideas off each other, and compliling information from Grayson and Ashe Counties. (He's even help me put up this site!) He is my good friend, my best genealogy buddie, and a truly great person.


The large Lewis Family Chart
created by the members of Three Forks Baptist Church
North Fork, Ashe County, NC

Ashe County, NC Cemetery Records
Complied By: Russell Hamilton
Creative Printers
West Jefferson, NC 28694

The Heritage of Ashe County, North Carolina
Vol. 1 - 1984
Vol. 2 - 1994
Published By: Ashe County Historical Society

Marriage Records of Ashe County, NC
1801 - 1872
Compiled By: Minnie Patrick Osborne
Edited By: Jeffrey C. Weaver
Ashe County Historical Society - 1989

The Weaver Family of New Kent County,VA
Southside, VA
And The New River Valley
1600 - 1990
Vol. 1
By: Jeffrey C. Weaver

1790 - 1880 Federal Census
1790 Wilkes County, NC*
1800 Ashe County, NC*
1810 Ashe County, NC*
1820 Ashe County, NC By: J.C. Weaver
1830 Ashe County, NC By: Ruth W. Shepherd
1840 Ashe County, NC
1850 Ashe County, NC By: Danny L. Miller
1860 Ashe County, NC By: Danny L. Miller
1870 Ashe County, NC By J. C. Weaver
1880 Ashe County, NC By: Mary Floy Katzman
* New River News

High On A Widy Hill
By: Catherine S. McConnell
Washington County, VA Historical Society
Abingdon, VA

1761 Tax List
Rowan County, NC
Washington County, VA Historical Society
Abingdon, VA

(Whether they knew it or not)

Ruby Roberts Coleman
Ogallala, Nebraska
Correspondences written between 1970 - 1975

Robert T. Nave
Houston, Texas
Correspondences written between 1973 - 1985

Donna Mickle
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Correspondence written in 1980

Carol Lewis Gellert
Pasadena, Maryland
Correspondences written between 1979 - 1985

Grace Lewis Santti
Correspondences written between 1978 - 1986

Larry D. Cockerham
Nashville, Tennessee
April, 2001

Mike Lewis
April, 2001

Paul Phipps
April, 2001

Howard L. Jones
Warrenton, Virginia
June, 2001

Internet Resources

Beckley - Lewis - Elliott Families
By: Joanne M. Elliott

Warren H. Houck
Houck's of Ashe County, NC and Related Families

© 2001, David Reedy, Schurz, Nevada

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