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Note for:   Gideon Lewis,   14 FEB 1817 - 14 JUL 1883         Index

Resided in Butler, Carter Co. TN.

William Clifford tells that during the Civil War, guerilla soldiers hung Gideon by a hank of yarn to make him tell where his oldest brother was. His brother was a soldier was home on leaveand was hiding. After they left, Matilda cut him down and revived him to life.


Note for:   William Lewis,   ABT 1804 - 1879         Index

This son moved to Tennessee.


Note for:   James Lewis,   ABT 1807 -          Index

James and Emily had seven children together.


Note for:   Andrew Jackson Lewis,   5 MAR 1819 - 17 OCT 1896         Index

Andy and Biddie had a two story log cabin on Buckeye mountain on Big Horse Creek near the Virginia line. This property was sold to William M. Little in 1890.


Note for:   Wilborn Lewis,   1821 -          Index

Believed to have lived in Mississippi.


Note for:   Solomon E. E. Lewis,   ABT 1822 - BEF 1880         Index

Resided in Butler, TN

Information furnished by the genealogy collection of Rayburn & Betty Lewis; Salem, OR. 1985.


Note for:   Isaac Lewis,   ABT 1825 -          Index

Believed to have lived in New York.


Note for:   John Lewis,   ABT 1813 -          Index

Believed to have resided in Tennessee and then Mississippi.


Note for:   Nathan Lewis,   ABT 1801 - AFT 1870         Index

Federal Census 1850 - Ashe County: Dwelling #1136


Note for:   Lawson G. Lewis,   ABT 1809 -          Index

Believed to have resided in Stony Fork, Tennessee.


Note for:   Jesse P. Lewis,   ABT 1834 -          Index

Federal Census 1870 - Ashe County, Old Field: Dwelling #68

Believed to have resided in Todd, North Carolina.


Note for:   Elizabeth Lewis,   ABT 1808 - AFT 1870         Index

BIOGRAPHY: : Information provided by Archie B. Blevins, Clinton, TN. 1979; Extracted from a lifetime genealogical collection of the Lewis, Blevins, and Parker families orginating from Ashe County, NC.

BIRTH: According to US Census of 1850, Grayson County, VA.

CHILDREN: US Census of 1850, Grayson County, VA. Also Roop Family History; by Phyllis G. Roop; Galax, VA.


Note for:   Nancy Lavina Lewis,   29 NOV 1824 - 9 DEC 1908         Index

Information furnished by Amanda Osborne, Ashe County, NC. Compiled by J. C. Weaver; Arlington, VA. 1990.

According to 1850 and 1860 Federal Census, Ashe County, NC. and granddaughter Amanda Osborne; Ashe County, NC.


Note for:   Nancy Lewis,   17 SEP 1832 - 12 OCT 1929         Index

"Pioneer Lewis Families"; Vol 5 pages 383-387; Group 443 - Gideon Lewis Jr. #433L100. Information submitted by Robb Osborne, Talmadge, Nebraska, 68448.